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Posted two new songs for you synth-heads out there.

Posted by CameronD - May 22nd, 2010

Both dance related. I notice one of them is below 3 already. Really? Did you even listen to the song? I know I am above average than most of these artists, albeit not as well known. Anyway, I hope you like the songs. I really do need some tips on mastering, and if that is what the majority of you base your voting off, than you can seriously GO FUCK YOURSELF. I can't emphasize that enough. Granted, mastering is important to the song, but seriously should not be the primary reason for any voting much below a three. I know I am not a great audio engineer (which I must admit, sounds like a really stupid title to label yourself) But I am still a decent song writer.

Sorry for all the negativity, it just pisses me off when my work is going to be outvoted by some bullshit video game remixes.


Just to tell you, skills in music is half of the work... Talent is the other part. Most of the people on NG, don't give a 2 or a 3.. Its like, if its bad or good or epic. Bad=0 good=4 epic=5.. Tho you got the talent but not the skills, your songs are half good, so a zero.. And half of the NGers vote the avarage of the song.

Not that I vote like that, but I just want to explain it you.. To go this back, you can vote your self every day and you need to make NG friends.. You can learn a lot of them and they will give your score a begin boost.

Improving music skills is also important, But I can't give you tips with that if I don't know which program you are using..


This really works! Check out my scores and see for yourself buddy. I got those partly by starting the votes out and giving me a 5, and by having friends on here who will review and help me get better.